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I work in a providers office and have been in this business for over 30 years. This is the absolute worse workers comp TPA. I would suggest provider to avoid singing a contract with this company. If you expect to get paid for services they authorize, don't hold your breath and they will blame it on the carriers. You will have to accept losses on patient accounts if you sign a contract with Medrisk. BEWARE!

User's recommendation: will never recommend to other providers.

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Denmark, South Carolina
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Slow payers

Still waiting for payment for an authorized August visit.
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Did you get paid? We are a physical therapy clinic and have clams from 2019 (now it is 2022) that still have not been paid.

Can't get an answer from people when we call as to why it is not paid. We have a ton of claims not paid.

They don't have a "manager" we can talk to. All they do is record the request and then told to wait 30 days for a reply.

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Pay us

Company's greed is affecting patient care

I have had so many issues recently with Medrisk I do not even know where to start. Delay of care is the biggest issue I am having, waiting weeks for a test to be scheduled that could have already been completed, results reviewed and surgery planned if it had been scheduled directly instead of using Medrisk. No sense of urgency. Constant excuses for why things are not done. Another big issue is sending people to the lowest bidder, there is a reason that therapy facility was the cheapest, because they are poor quality or lack experience and equipment to get the injured worker what they need. Then they do not pay bills, so more and more facilities are refusing to work with him making it even harder to get people scheduled. I never thought I would experience a company worse than One Call, but these days I am preferring One Call to Medrisk.

User's recommendation: Avoid if you want your injured worker to have a good outcome.

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I am in the same boat, as a provider, Medrisk owes me a lot of money, I cannot even get through to bill review. I termintated my contract with them!

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Georgetown, Kentucky
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Terrible company that doesn't pay

Around 2017 we started having issues with Medrisk. They told us they'd except the new PT eval codes and they did pay them up until October 2017 - then they started denying them and said they'd only except the old code 97001. We continuously resubmit several corrected claims for 2 years and they give a different explanation each time or say the claim isn't on file - then it takes them another 30-60 days to reprocess. And they keep doing this over and over again....I'm guessing they just hope we'll give up. We also have several treatments that are unpaid - they do the same thing, they say the claim isn't on file, or the provider name and provider number are missing (when they're not), or that we need to submit directly to the carrier (and the carrier has already paid Medrisk for the visit). I'm so fed up with fighting with them because each time I call no one knows what they're talking about. I can't believe they're able to get away with operating this way! I make it a point to contact them every month and we've managed to get some of our claims paid but I still have at least 10 claims I need paid.
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yup same here

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Problems with payment
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Proper reimbursement for services authorized and rendered

Avoid doing business with them you will regret it!

They will avoid paying as long as they possibly can and when they do it’s at a much lower rate than the contracted fee schedule. Avoid wasting your time and money with these thieves!!
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Burbank, California

Terrible communication and have to fight to gets claims paid

We had a work comp patient that their case was being managed by MedRisk. We had been going back and forth with them to get claims paid. Since there were more that 10 DOS we had to go through an email. This was worthless. MONTHS of going back and forth. They came back stating the insurance company had denied the claims and there was nothing else they could do. Finally I contacted Liberty Mutual directly. They told me the claims had been approved to be paid long ago. The gentleman I spoke with there was SO HELPFUL. Within 6 business days of speaking with Liberty Mutual we finally and magically got payment from MedRisk on these claims.
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Order processing issue


We have been billing Med Risk for years and the way they process claims is deplorable. They routinely ignore the claims for at least 6 months and then they say the claim is denied by the Home Plan so tough!! They also pay some of the claims and ignore others forever. The best one is they tell us to contact the home plan, but will not tell us who the adjuster or what the contact information is!!! We are thinking of pulling the plug on this contract as the stress is too much. This company needs to be gone over by the Insurance Commission and held to account for their business practices. I am disgusted with this shoddy company with no website and stupid reps!
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I terminated my contract and wished I had done it sooner!


I wish I had read this site before letting MedRisk become thousands of dollars delinquent in payments. And for wasting time treating their patients and chasing payments. A very dissatisfied Provider.


Terminate your contract with them as soon as you can. They are horrible!

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Poor customer service

Short Review on September 15, 2016

Does not pay on time, gives countless excuses as to why they haven't paid, continuously tell you to wait for payments. What they are doing is illegal and they just keep getting away with it.
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Northbrook, Illinois
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Problems with payment

Medrisk Work Experience Review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I worked for the company for a short stint just under a year and I have to say that their system is horrible. The problem with billing and payment of the claims is that each department is only briefed on what the other department does and the episodes of care contain no information on billing for all employees to see. So often times on the phone the employees have to say that they're not sure and transfer the caller around until they get to the person they need. In one incident I was transferring a provider to claims in which the claims employee told me that the provider would have to send all the bills and daily notes but payment wouldn't begin for another month because that's the earliest MR to get to it, the bills for this patient hadn't been paid over the previous two months. This company is cut throat and the work isn't distributed fairly, if a worker is out which on some days 5-6 people might be out everyone else's work load increases in online assignments and those crazy days are never reimbursed, when that worker comes back in they never have to take on more assignments. Also, the supervisor is more lenient with full time employees which can ask the day of if they can leave early and make up the time in which the supervisor says no problem we'll figure it out . Where as temps get told to let her know further in advance if they can leave early a day or two on advance. It also too way to long for them to approve time off for me when I put in request 3 weeks in advance, I needed to be told that I could come in an hour early for this one particular week so when I had that friday off I only lost half a day of pay. I was approved the tuesday the week of, and I felt like they should have just given me the time since I lost two days of making it up, especially since it wasn't my fault. Training is a one week process maybe 9 work days total before you're just dumped into the full work load and sifting through papers where you took endless notes about XYZ. Also they claim that they try to talk to you about what you're doing wrong or lacking in skill before they give you the boot but that's not true. They will let you go at the drop of a hat just because and offer you no explanation.
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Physical therapists beware!!! One of the most often used phrases in the MR hallways and meeting rooms is "we must EXPLOIT the therapists while they are still ignorant"`

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

MedRisk don't pay claims on time!

This company is ridiculous. I have 2 patients from them on which multiple claims are still unpaid 'til today. One patient has 18 claims that has not been paid for 1 1/2 yr. The other one has 31 claims which has not been paid for more than 7 months. I'm giving MedRisk a 15-day ultimatum to pay all these unpaid claims. If they don't pay us in 15 days, we will send them to a DEBT COLLECTIONS AGENCY. What the're doing is illegal! By law, electronic claims should be paid within 30 days, paper claims should be paid within 45 days. As soon as all these claims settle, we will stop participating with MedRisk. We are actually not accepting MedRisk referrals anymore. They don't pay on time anyway so it's really not worth it. WARNING to all the providers, don't waste your time participating with MedRisk!
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medrisk is a scam, they sit on claims for a year hoping the provider will stop trying to collect, then receive payment from the carrier and keep all the money. Medrisk does not follow any state guidelines because they are a third party processor and are except from the rules, insurance carriers use them as a loop hole to not pay providers. Its a scam.


I definitely agree that they don't pay on time. I used to work in their billing department.

They are not worried about getting the pricier paid but rather getting those provider "issues" from new to an In progress status, or better yet the team lead made us wrote "these Dates of services requires additional time for review" rather than getting those issues resolves right then.

That's why the providers take so long to get pay. This company is so counterproductive, it's a joke!

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Paterson, New Jersey
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Medrisk TPA for GallagherBassett

Would you believe Medrisk does not have to be accountable to the Florida Department of Financial Services. Medrisk is a healthcare provider network and can legally get away with not paying worker comp medical claims,they are not responsibile to abide by Florida laws and statues. I am pissed. I have a 7 month old medical claim that all I can do is sue or let everyone read this web site how Medrisk is above following Florida laws and can legally get away with it. Must be nice! Shame on you Medrisk. Please comment on this site to stop this injustice.
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I had to file a complaint with the state our PT clinic is in- all of a sudden within 2 weeks i had a ck !

THEY ARE HORRIBLE! this claim was over 1 year old.


We have been contacted by MedRisk numerous times and have considered using them because they say they simplify the process. Currently we direct bill the insurers, and we do almost always get paid, but it is a lot of paperwork and followup.

By nature, it seems like insurers just don't like to pay, like to make it difficult, and pay as low as possible. When I asked MedRisk about some poor reviews, the sales person commented that the issues they had previously as now resolved.

I'd love feedback if anyone is still monitoring this review thread.


Company is still absolutely horrible. Never pays on time and lies about when you can expect payment. Do yourself a favor and don't do business with them.


Company clearly and deliberately short pays on 90 perc of claims.

We are about 25 k into it, and despite are consistent documentation of notification of short pay, they continue to do it.

Only other recourse is lawsuit.


I can't believe this company I have been trying too resolve open claims since 2010 there rude customer service and no one knows nothing regarding payments.. Patients Insurance carrier are stating that all this claims were paid and per Medrisk they never received payments..

This isn't right they need to be taking out of workers comp Network.. Is there someone else I could talk with regarding our missing payments this is ridiculous


I was against the decision to sign up with MedRisk from the get go because they tend to pay pittance compared to claims made directly to insurers like CNA, Liberty, etc. But my boss wanted to, so here we are - 4 months since we have filed a claim and until now, we got only a fraction of what was agreed upon of the DXFee agreement. It's basically a scam.


Fraudulent company! If you have a work comp claim through them don't expect to get paid, or even get a phone call back for that matter. How this corrupt organization is able to operate legally is beyond me.


I'm having the same problem. It started about 8 months ago for me.

They keep my multiple therapy units as 1 unit, which makes the payment incorrect!...which of course delays the payments another 6 months. This is absolutely the worst company I've had to deal with since I've been billing. I just talked my VP into cancelling our contract with them.

Now if we can just get paid on the $10,500.00 worth of incorrectly processed claims they are sitting on! :(


I agree, bill the carrier direct. You will get pay faster and way more than you contracted Day rate or fee schedule.


just found this comment about medrisk-- same is happening here in PA-- called WC dept of L&I to file complaint and was told the same thing: medrisk is considered a managed care entity and therefore does not fall under the comp laws, nor does it fall under the insurance commissioner!!!!!! and your only recourse is legal action!!!

BTW - have tried to call into medrisk provider relations and phone calls are not returned, and could not go further than the rep for my area!!!

also agree with the other comments, regarding slow to non-payments of claims-- the bottom of the barrell!

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Miami, Florida

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